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Grain Handling

Swing Auger Mover

Our easy to install kit provides a remote control for your Swing Auger for all sizes from 10 to 16 inch tubes.  Its powerful electric motor moves the auger even without your tractor running.  Add optional equipment includingelectric winch to raise and lower the swing for transport, electric jack to raise and lower the drive wheels or an LED lightAll optional equipment is also remote controlled. 


  • 300’ range FM remote control
  • Manual swing/winch controls
  • 12vDC electric system
  • Multi-channel selectable
  • Dual wheel drive
  • Powerful electric worm gear drive supplying over 300 ft lbs of torque to the drive wheels 
  • Tube mounting of drive system keeps the drive wheels out from under the truck and any ruts your trucks and trailers may make 
  • Height adjustable wheel system ensures you are never caught with your hopper high centered under your truck or trailer 

Electric Auger Mover

This powerful electric drive system will move your stick auger or conveyor by remote control. The easy to install kit provides a receiver and transmitter and two powerful drive motors, one for each main wheel of the auger. This kit works on any make of auger. Just let us know the size and shape of the axle so we can include the correct adapter plate.  Accessories available include; 6000lb electric winch for raising and lowering the main tube and a circuit to operate LED Lights or an electric clutch. All accessories can be operated by the remote.


  • 300’ range FM remote control
  • Powerful electric drive
  • Goes over obstacles
  • Holds auger securely in position
  • No need to start motor
  • No messy hydraulics
  • Works great in cold weather
  • Move your auger from where you can see the bin hatch

Swing Belt Mover

Our kit provides remote control for your swing conveyor of any size and make.  Its two powerful electric motors move the conveyor even without your tractor running. Add optional equipment including: electric winch to raise and lower the swing for transport or an LED light. All optional equipment is also remote controlled.


  • 300’ range FM remote control
  • Manual swing/winch controls
  • 12V DC electric system
  • Multi-channel selectable
  • Dual wheel drive
  • Motors bolt directly to the mover motor mounts of BATCO conveyors 
  • Accessory mounting kit required for Brandt conveyors

Wireless Full Bin Alarm

Never climb another bin and never shear another drive pin.  The Kramble full bin alarm will let you know when the bin is getting full.  Mount the wireless sensor to the end of your auger or conveyor spout.  Adjust the length of the hanger chain so that you have room left in the bin to empty your auger once the alarm goes off.  When the bin is nearly full, the flow of grain will push the sensor sideways.  This sensor then sends a radio signal to the receiver and you will get an alarm light and a 92 Db siren.


  • 12V DC FM receiver
  • Wireless sensor probe runs on a 9V battery
  • Bright LED alarm lights
  • 87 dB audible alarm
  • Universal fit
  • Magnetic backed receiver
  • Simple to install
  • Expandable – multiple sensors can transmit to a single receiver
  • Extended sensor probe antenna

Endgate Hoist and Tarp Kit

This kit provides a remote control for your grain truck end gate, dump hoist and tarp.  Electric linear drive provides 600 lbs of force to open and close the end gate.  Hoist controllers available for air over hydraulic, electric and traditional hydraulic lever action.  Add a tarp motor kit to open and close your truck tarp or a set of LED lights.  All options are controlled with hand held remote or on the receiver console mounted on the truck box. 


  • 300’ range FM remote control
  • Manual keypad
  • 12vDC electric system
  • LED indicator lights

Tarp Arm Kit

Motorized operator for the tarp on your truck or trailer.  It is a convenient option to our end gate and hoist systems and for our trailer chute opener systems.  Open or close your tarp using a hand held remote from up to 300 feet away.  Our easy to install kit includes everything you need to motorize your existing tarp: receiver, transmitter, tarp motor and extending arm for the tarp motor.

Trailer Chute and Arm Kit

This powerful remote-control system will open and close your trailer chutes for you by remote control. The kit includes all the power wiring from the truck battery box to the drive motors.  Drive motors install right on the crank rods for your chutes.  Receiver and handheld radio remotes have a 300-foot range.  Kits are available for dual, triple or quad chute systems. Add an electric tarp arm kit to open and close your tarps by remote control.  


  • 300’ range FM remote control
  • Manual open/close switches
  • 12vDC electric system
  • Programmable limit sensors
  • Multi-channel selectable
  • Heavy-duty cabling
  • Universal mounting hardware
  • Over 300 ft/lbs of torque
  • Powerful hi-torque drives open chutes in all conditions. Kits available from one to four chutes, all operated from a single handheld remote.

Side Chute and Arm Kit

Operate side chutes by remote control.  Modular systems work on semi-trailers, grain trucks, pups, seed carts or grain carts.  Receiver controls up to four items.  You can have multiple receivers on one remote allowing up to eight items per remote.  Select one receiver for each truck or trailer and then add as many linear actuators as you need for your side gates.  Add a motorized tarp arm to make opening and closing your tarp remote controlled as well.

Remote Bin Opener

This remote-control opener for hopper bottom grain bins makes loading and shipping easier and faster.  Control grain flow from the cab of your truck.  The 12V system works anywhere.  Receiver operates up to four bins and comes with one remote.  Select two, three or four actuators for your receiver.   Control two receivers (up to 8 bins) from one remote.

Pop Up Hopper

The spring-loaded hopper allows for a snug fit under the bin or trailer, ensuring the maximum amount of product is transferred to the auger. At 50 lbs, the Pop-Up Hopper is light enough to be installed by one person, and the simple ratchet system makes taking it on and off a breeze.


  • Available in 8” 10” and  12”              
  • Wrinkle powder coat finish

The Hopper

The hopper attaches to the end of your auger and helps to funnel product eliminating waste and increasing efficiency. It weighs just 45 lbs and is made from 16g steel, making it easy to transport and install. It comes in multiple sizes to fit all brands and sizes of auger. The patented jack on the end of each unit makes it easy to adjust the height, pull the auger behind a tractor or truck, and store. The industrial strength belting molds itself to the bottom of the storage bin to reduce grain spillage. The Hopper is simple to clean out and comes in multiple models that can be used for augering both grain and fertilizer.


  • Available in 6”  8”  10”  12” and 13”
  • A clean-out door makes for a simple final clean out
  • Available in stainless steel or painted black carbon steel

Tractor Cam

Mount the camera on your auger so you can hit the bin easier.  Mount it on your swing so you can line up with chutes easier.  Digital signal never gets “snow”.

Our camera kit comes with the screen for in your truck or tractor and one camera. 

The screen has the capabilities to view up to four cameras. The flexi-pack battery kit allows the camera to run up to 16 hours. Both the camera and the screen require 12V hookup, but they talk to each other wirelessly.


  • 4 GHz transmitting frequency
  • High resolution
  • Interference free
  • Infrared for night vision
  • Image reversible
  • IP66 waterproof rating
  • 8 G force vibration durability
  • 82-degree wide-angle lens
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