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Field Equipment

Vertical Crop Cutter

Roto-Shear is a high-quality vertical crop cutter adaptable to all swather and combine headers. It was developed in partnership with local producers and extensively field tested to bring you the best product possible.

Roto-Shear owners know that when harvesting lodged or tangled crops like canola and peas, this is an essential piece of equipment that they would never be without again. When time matters most, Roto-Shear has proven itself to be dependable in the toughest harvests, cutting through tangled and lodged crops with speed and efficiency.

The simplicity and quality of the design makes it essentially maintenance-free. Roto-Shear customers declare that it is the most durable and reliable crop cutter they have ever used, outperforming everything else on the market.

Tillage Tools

McKay Empire is known for manufacturing the world’s largest range of quality tillage tools. We carry an extensive line of sweeps and openers. 

CastPoint Tips

Agrabase is proud to introduce a new tillage tip that we have available to our customers.  The CastPoint tip is designed to fit on Dutch Precision Series Boots.  It is made with hardened steel and loaded with carbides to make the strongest, most durable tip on the market. The initial cost investment is very competitive with similar items, but it’s durability, dependability,and longevity will also pay dividends. If the tips last a season or two more than the tips you’re using now, valuable time will be saved in changing tips. This means less labor and more time for other responsibilities.


In field testing over the past two years, about 800 tips were tested, and producers have had no breakage, very little wear, and are certain they’ll be running them for another year or two before they need replacing.  When running our tips side by side with the competitor’s tips the reduced wear on ours is very noticeable.

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