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Fertilizer & CPP Products


The LumpBuster is designed to remove lumps from fertilizer at the same speed as your auger — no matter how large the clumps are. It consists of a series of timed, studded shafts that spin to break up hard or lumpy fertilizer. The LumpBuster increases efficiency as it breaks up fertilizer without employing typical methods like a piece of expanded metal, mesh screens, or forcing farmers to discard large lumps of otherwise usable fertilizer.


  • Breaks down product to the size of a pea without powdering it
  • Fits right inside the hopper
  • Run it off your bin sweep motor, or using the hydraulics from your auger’s mover kit
  • Custom designed German manufactured triple seal all poly housed bearings
  • Fits 8”, 10”, 12” augers
  • Conveyor model available
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